(Neuro-computational models of the mental lexicon)Neuro-computational models of the mental lexicon
The research activity is focused on the development of neuro-computational models for the memorisation and categorisation of time-series of input stimuli in linguistic tasks, in both monolingual and bilingual contexts.
The activity involves the study of:
– probabilistic models of the linguistic usage;
– neuro-computational models of the mental lexicon;
– models of the linguistic processing for acquistion, generalisation and production;
– developmental disorders of verbal and non-verbal communication.
 (Models of reading)Models of reading
By using a tablet device with a touchscreen for detecting the text focused by the child while reading, we enable for an automated and integrated modality for evaluating the decoding skills, the comprehension level and the reading speed. Automated tools for text analysis are used to look for text source of complexity and readability indexes, making it possible to design solutions for tailored potentiation to guarantee reading autonomy, for both education and every-day-life purposes.

physiology of communication