Marcello Ferro

Marcello FerroMarcello Ferro, electronic engineer
Istituto di Linguistica Computazionale - CNR
building B, entrance 21, 1st floor, room 8

I am a researcher at the Institute for Computational Linguistics of the National Research Council of Pisa (Italy), where my main research activity is focused on the development of neuro-computational models for the memorisation and categorisation of time-series of input stimuli in linguistic tasks.

In 2006 I got the PhD in “Automatics, Robotics and Bioengineering” at the “E. Piaggio” Bioengineering and Robotics Research Center of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Pisa, Italy, with the thesis “High efficiency real-time sensor and actuator control and data processing: a framework solution for control systems in biomimetic autonomous robots”. By focusing on non-verbal human-robot interaction, I continued my research activity as a post-doc fellow in bioengineering up to 2009.

In 2001 I got the MD at the University of Rome “La Sapienza” with the thesis “Design and realisation of a software architecture for the management of real-time autonomous agents: OpenAI”

My scientific areas of interest include artificial intelligence for biomimetic robotics, computational neurosciences, artificial neural networks, sensing and actuation interfaces, biometrics, data analysis and signal processing. My skills are also related to software architectures and parallel programming with experience in different operating systems, programming languages and development environments.

I am currently involved in the ReadLet project, focusing on R&D activities and on the multi-modal analysis and modelling of linguistic tasks related to word reading and word segmentation from speech.

Research interests: neurocomputational linguistics, artificial intelligence, mental lexicon, parallel computing

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