Claudia Cappa

Claudia CappaClaudia Cappa, expert in learning disorders
Istituto di Fisiologia Clinica - CNR

I am a researcher at the CNR Institute of Clinical Physiology (IFC) in Pisa, with a long lasting experience in the design and validation of cognitive screening tools for subjects of different age levels (from 3 to 18 years old), and in epidemiological studies on the prevalence of Specific Learning Disabilities.

I was the Italian coordinator for the European project DysLang (Dyslexia and Additional Academic Language Learning), and a team member of the Italian AVATAR project, for a new integrated approach to adolescent health and well-being.

I am currently collaborating with the Institute for Computational Linguistics (ILC, CNR) and with the Department of Teaching and Learning at SUPSI, in Locarno, in the framework of two projects, AEREST and ReadLet , aiming at developing ecological protocols and tools for the assessment of reading skills in early graders.

I took my laurea degree in Physics at Torino University, and a PhD in Geophysics a the University of Genova. In October 2010 I obtained a second level MA degree from the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Pavia as an expert in learning disabilities and school difficulties, under the supervision of Prof. Luisa Girelli. I'm currently scientific responsible for the Comphys Lab at IFC.

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2021 - Conference papers
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Taxitari L., Cappa C., Ferro M., Marzi C., Nadalini A., and Pirrelli V. (2021) “Using mobile technology for reading assessment”, ISBN 9781728166469, 6th IEEE Congress on Information Science & Technology (IEEE CIST'20), online, 05/06/2021, pp. 1-6.
2020 - Conference papers
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Ferro M., Giulivi S., and Cappa C. (2020) “The AEREST reading database”, CEUR workshop proceedings, ISSN 1613-0073, ISBN 9791280136282, 7th Italian Conference on Computational Linguistics (CLIC-IT'20), Bologna, Italy, 01-03/03/2021, published by Accademia University Press (Torino, ITA), vol. 2769, pp. 1-6.
2020 - Conference contributions
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Pirrelli V., Cappa C., Crepaldi D., Del Pinto V., Ferro M., Giulivi S., Marzi C., Nadalini A., and Taxitari L. (2020) “Tracking the pace of reading with finger movements”, Words in the World International Conference, Montreal (Canada), 16-18/10/2020, 1 page.
2018 - Conference contributions
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Cappa C., Ferro M., Giulivi S., Marzi C., Nahli O., Cardillo F. A., and Pirrelli V. (2018) “ReadLet: piattaforma ICT per valutare l'efficienza di lettura”, XXVII Congresso Nazionale AIRIPA, Arezzo (Italy), 28-29/09/2018.
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Ferro M., Cappa C., Giulivi S., Marzi C., Cardillo F. A., and Pirrelli V. (2018) “ReadLet: an ICT platform for the assessment of reading efficiency in early graders”, 11th International Conference on the Mental Lexicon, Edmonton, Alberta (Canada), 25-28/09/2018, pp. 61-61.
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Leoni F., Muzio C., Cappa C., Ferro M., and Giulivi S. (2018) “Il progetto AEREST: primi risultati in Italia e in Canton Ticino”, XXVII Congresso Nazionale AIRIPA, Arezzo (Italy), 28-29/09/2018.
2018 - Technical reports
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Pingitore A., Mastorci F., Vassalle C., Doveri C., Trivellini G., Bastiani L., Cappa C., and Banti D. (2018) “REPORT NAZIONALE DATI AVATAR 2018”.
2017 - Miscellanea
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Cappa C. (2017) “RSR-DSA 1' e 2' anno scuola primaria”.
2015 - Journal articles
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Cappa C., Meloni F., Muzio C., Schilirò A., Bastiani L., and Giulivi S. (2015) “A screening on Specific Learning Disorders in an Italian speaking high genetic homogeneity area”, Research in developmental disabilities, published by Pergamon Press, New York, Stati Uniti d'America, vol. 45-46, pp. 329-342.
2015 - Miscellanea
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Cappa C. (2015) “APCM-2 programma di scoring per forma breve”.
2014 - Edited volumes
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Cappa C., Carnovale F., Giulivi S., and Muzio C. (eds.) (2014) “Valutazione delle abilità dello studente: punti di forza e di debolezza”.
2014 - Conference papers
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Carnovale F., Cappa C., Giulivi S., and Muzio C. (2014) “Differenze nella percezione delle capacità scolastiche da parte degli studenti, dei genitori e degli insegnanti”, XXIII Congresso Nazionale Airipa-I disturbi dell'apprendimento, Lucca, 24-25 ottobre 2014.
2014 - Conference contributions
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Cappa C., Giulivi S., Muzio C., Carbone A. M., Gaggi M., and Pastarini F. (2014) “Questionario di osservazione sistematica per i bambini del primo anno della scuola dell'infanzia”, I disturbi dell'apprendimento-XXIII Congresso Nazionale AIRIPA, Lucca, 24-25 ottobre 2014, pp. 40-40.
2014 - Miscellanea
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Cappa C., Collerone L. M., Fernando J., and Giulivi S. (2014) “LANGUAGE LEARNING AND DYSLEXIA IN THE MULTILINGUAL SOCIETY”.
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Cappa C., Fernando J., Giulivi S., and Stoks G. (2014) “MULTILINGUALISM AND LITERACY DEVELOPMENT”.
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Cappa C. and Giulivi S. (2014) “DYSLEXIA ACROSS EUROPE”.
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Cappa C., Giulivi S., and Muzio C. (2014) “UNDERSTANDING DYSLEXIA”.
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