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Readlet - reading to understandReadlet - reading to understand

Readlet allows for the automatic evaluation of the reading efficiency parameter (Reading Efficiency Parameter, REP), by measuring the speed in reading either silently or aloud and by evaluating the text comprehension.

By using a tablet device with a touchscreen for detecting the text focused by the child while reading, Readlet enables for an automated and integrated modality for evaluating the decoding skills, the comprehension level and the reading speed. Automated tools for text analysis are used to look for text source of complexity and readability indexes, making it possible to design solutions for tailored potentiation to guarantee reading autonomy, for both education and every-day-life purpouses.


A self-organizing STDP neural network for time-series acquisition and recall.

The installation package includes a C++ multi-threaded Windows executable for data learning, some Matlab tools for data post-processing and analysis, and a (still work-in-progress) user guide.

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