Andrea Nadalini

Andrea NadaliniAndrea Nadalini, psycholinguist
Istituto di Linguistica Computazionale - CNR
building B, entrance 21, 1st floor, room 17

I am a research fellow at the CNR Institute for Computational Linguistics, in Pisa. My research interests concern how written words are processed and represented within our lexical-semantic system. These issues have been approached by combining experimental techniques (semantic categorization and lexical decision times, ERPs) with computational tools (vector-based models).

In addition, I got interested in the interface between consciousness and semantic processing, trying to define what kind of information can be extracted from words that are subliminally presented. In this context, I investigated metaphorical and semantic masked priming, particularly in the temporal, numerical and affective domains.

In Pisa, I am currently involved in the Readlet project, which collects informations about children's reading behaviour via a tablet-based application and should eventually help educators to dynamically spot learner's weaknesses and strengths.

I got my MA in Linguistics at the University of Bologna. Then I joined prof. Davide Crepaldi's Lab at the International School for Advanced Studies in Trieste, first as a research assistant and then as a PhD student.

physiology of communication